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Pocket knives and Multitools


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Pocket knives and Multitools

  • 0590SmartKey multitool

    1327Opinel Colorama No 08 pocket knife

  • 1460SmartTool multitool

    1498Victorinox Spartan Wood pocket knife

    1554Victorinox Super Tinker pocket knife

    1556Victorinox Climber pocket knife

    1593Victorinox Cadet Alox pocket knife

    1597Victorinox Bantam Alox pocket knife

    1598Opinel Inox No 07 pocket knife

    1635Opinel Oysters No 09 oyster knife

    1650Opinel No 10 Corkscrew Bottle Opener

    1783Victorinox Huntsman Wood pocket knife

    2155Opinel No 08 Carbon pocket knife

    3409Victorinox slide/gift box

  • 3543Lock-It pocket knife

  • 4205MicroTool multitool

  • 4245Columbus survival knife

  • 4404MaxiTool multitool

  • 4416Beechwood Pocket knife

  • 4418Beechwood Multitool

    5352Opinel Inox No 08 pocket knife

    5521Victorinox Bantam pocket knife

  • 5922MaxiStar giftset

    6403Victorinox Waiter pocket knife

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