Clipper Interall is a reliable partner and supplier in promotional products with European brand recognition. Like each company and organisation, Clipper Interall started out small. How it grew out to be an international venture? Here you see the developments of Clipper Interall in a chronological order.

1945  Founding of Jonker’s  Business Concern by Martien Jonkers (21). Sales of (fountain)pens and (refillable) pencils. Location: from home where he lived with his parents- Helmond.

1947  Expansion activities and personnel.  Move to new location- Helmond.

1961  Development and production own writing sets. Introduction first writing set under the name Clipper. New location: Mierlo.

1970  Jonkers’ Business Concern becomes Clipper. Activities expand with amongst other things, in-house printing and a diverse range of products.

1972  Brand recognition and enormous growth leads to move. Locations: Mierlo and de Mortel.
1972  Purchase directly from the Far-East and China.

1984  Martien Jonkers introduces ‘Direct Marketing’ in the Netherlands.
1984  Sales through representatives and via catalogues.
1984  Opening of the Belgian office.

1989  Due to success only sales through catalogue.

1990  Opening French office.

1992  Opening restyled office Helmond, Haverdijk 7. Everything under one roof, by now with 100 employees.

2003  Opening German office.

2007  Founder and general director Martien Jonkers passes away.
2007  Frans-jozef Maas and Ron Boer are appointed to be general director and commercial director.

2008  Opening UK office.
2008  From the existing offices activities are expanding to surrounding countries.

2010  Clipper emphasizes partnership with the slogan “'Selling together!'.

2015  Expansion of the printing facilities and distribution Haverdijk Helmond.
2015  By now Clipper has become an international enterprise with 350 employees.

2016  Launch of the new marketing strategy and Clipper website.
2016 Opening Scandinavia office, using Promotiv as the brand name.

2018 Takeover Brabantia Asten, they have been active in the field of decoration of glass, porcelain and earthenware for more than 60 years.
2018 Ton Löbker new General Manager.

2019 Hans Stoker new Financial Director.

2021 Acquisition of Interall Group. They develop, produce and supply sustainable and circular promotional products.

2022 Rob Looye new General Manager.

2023 Clipper becomes Clipper Interall with a new look and strategy.

In Memoriam

Founder Martien Jonkers (*4-12-1924  - †22-06-2007)

Martien Jonkers can be characterized as an ambitious man with dreams, with an innovative commercial mind and a passion for business. This combination makes that he at the age of 21 becomes an independent entrepreneur under the name Jonkers’ Business Concern, which laid the foundations for Clipper.

Martien is eager to learn and his curiosity for the unknown is at the same time the source of his success. His drive and stamina makes that he achieves goals. He produces and introduces his first writing set under the name Clipper, the origin of the brand name. In the Netherlands he introduces imprinted business gifts and the direct marketing concept.

Martien Jonkers dares to give concrete form to his ideas, to grow, and to have a future-oriented view on things. He, in spite of all the success, stays down to earth. He takes care for his family, two daughters and son Max, who works along sides him in the business for many years. Next to the care for his family, and company, he feels involved with and is interested in his employees. Martien is a person that is popular with a lot of people. This counts for not only his employees, but also customers and competitors. Who speaks to Martien, feels his human approach, his passion and ensures himself of a good conversation.

Till the end of his eventful life Martien continues to work in Helmond on a daily basis. Every day is devoted to making sure that the best is being brought out of Clipper. On the 22nd of June 2007 he passes away at the age of 82 years old. Next to a beautiful and financially healthy company he leaves behind a deep impression because of the person he was.

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